This blog was originally produced for my MA (Education Leadership & Management). It’s purpose was to gather research evidence inspired predominantly by the later work of Michel Foucault – particularly that on power, discourse, governmentality and ethics.

The blog will now be used as a record of my journey through my PhD, continuing with utilising Foucault’s toolbox but also taking inspiration from Dewey and Freire as I examine the interlink between education, politics and democracy. 

Blogging is generally under-utilised as a research tool, but offers a space where resistance or “counter conduct” can take place, where

…the control, surveillance and repression of the dominant are least able to reach…

Having worked in post-compulsory education in England since 1992, the daily demands of the accountability system have become almost 2nd nature. So I continue here with thoughts around philosophy, education, politics etc. and hope to be joined by contributors who consider themselves

…close confidants who share similar experiences of domination (Scott , 1990).