Data wants to be human

So as the final blog of 2017, I thought I’d be less academic and have a bit of festive fun.

Now some would call me a geek (the wife does quite often) so in order to live up to my unfounded reputation I’m going to introduce you to a character called Lt. Commander Data, who some of you may know from Star Trek. Some ‘Trekies’ claim that the series of Star Trek represented a journey for Lt Commander Data on ‘his’ (an android) road to becoming more human.

I chose to believe that I was a person, that I had the potential to become more than a collection of circuits and sub-processors.”  Data, 2369 (“Rightful Heir“)

So, Data would like to know what you would like ‘him’ to give to you for Xmas and the new year (going forward) that would help you to become more of a missionary and Data to become more human.

Happy Xmas and a happy New Year bloggers!

6 thoughts on “Data wants to be human

    1. One presumes then that would be linked to the art and craft of teaching and learning, but not associated with that dreadful neoliberalism of “core business”?


  1. I would love to see less prioritising of proxies for learning in order to satisfy accountability concerns over genuine learning.


  2. There are some things that it is not possible to measure in the formal education data system, but that undoubtedly impact substantially on an individual’s ability to be successful. Often the life skills and values that staff on the ground work so hard to instill are the things that really make the difference for students. Students don’t realise this themselves until after they have moved on.


  3. We need to find a way to broaden learning so that learners can explore all their options and contribute and learn in ways that don’t have to be measured. Learning for the sake of learning. Having fun. Experimenting. Spending time talking to people they wouldn’t normally speak to. More enrichment. More volunteering. More tutor time. Accountability be damned!


  4. As students progress through the intervention system, we subordinate the data (ethnicity, gender, social background, bum on seat) to making the right, most ethical/moral decisions.


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